Saturday, October 23, 2010


When engineering personnel work outside of the engineering department, the responsibility for training and enforcing safety precautions rests with the head of the  department  controlling  the  operation.  For  example, weapons and ammunition handling requires special instructions by the weapons officer. The   engineer   officer   has   the   following responsibility  for  safety  in  the  engineering  department: l l l Be  sure  safety  precautions  are  posted  in  a conspicuous  and  accessible  places. Be sure all persons in the department and others who  may  be  concerned  with  engineering  matters observe safety precautions. Drill personnel in the safety procedures that apply to their work. Each   division   officer   has   the   following responsibilities for safety in his division: l l l Instruct  subordinates  in  all  safety  precautions that  apply. Require  subordinates  to  observe  all  safety precautions that apply. Post   safety   precautions   and   warnings   in conspicuous  places.  This  includes  posting warnings on dangerous equipment and in areas of the ship where there are particular hazards. Each  member  of  the  engineering  department  has the  following  responsibilities: l l l l l Report  unsafe  conditions  and  correct  the conditions  where  possible. Warn  others  of  unsafe  conditions. Use  approved  protective  clothing  and  equipment where it is called for. Report injury or ill health to supervisors. Use caution in emergency conditions or other dangerous  situations. WARMING-UP SCHEDULES Warming-up schedules for propulsion machinery and boilers are chronological checklists of the key steps used to light boiler fires and warm up the ship’s main engineering plant.