Saturday, December 4, 2010


Staff who work exclusively in offices should be aware that they have the RIGHT TO KNOW any laboratory hazards in the surrounding area and they should feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with any member of the Department Safety Committee.
It is the responsibility of each employee to perform his or her job in a safe manner. Safety is as important in the office as it is in the laboratory.
Offices should be inspected by the occupants for earthquake hazards. Tall bookshelves and cabinets (including lateral file cabinets) must be anchored to the wall or made secure by other approved means (contact John Souza, 2-3314). There should be no overhead storage that could create a falling hazard.
Extension cords are not to be used. Approved multi-plug strips may be used as long as they have an internal breaker and are not run in series with other cords (daisy-chained). All cords should be inspected for wear, frayed cords are to be replaced.
Use of space heaters has been specifically prohibited by the State Fire Marshal. Problems with room heat should be reported to Physical Plant, 2-1032.
Furniture arrangement in offices should permit a quick exit in an emergency. Quantities of paper or other combustibles must be kept at a minimum.
EH&S (2-3073) has many brochures available regarding display terminals (VDT) and other office machinery.