Monday, October 25, 2010

Importance of Critical Steel Ratio in Calculating Thermal Reinforcement

The fulfillment of critical steel ratio means that in construction joints or planes of weakness of concrete structure, steel reinforcement will not yield and concrete fails in tension first. This is important in ensuring formation of more cracks by failure of concrete in tension, otherwise failure in steel reinforcement would produce a few wide cracks which is undesirable. 

   What is the difference in arranging pumps in series and in parallel… solved example extracted from the topic Pumping Station of steel structures based on civil engineering… identical pumps with similar functions, if the pumps arranged in series, the total head is increased without a change to maximum discharge...

  • Functions of Cap Block, Drive Cap and Pile Cushion
       What are the functions of cap block, drive cap and pile cushion in driven piles… Solved example based on the topic piles and foundation Marine Piles of Reinforced Concrete Design of civil engineering subject… Cap block is installed between the hammer end and the drive cap to control the hammer blow in order to protect both the hammer and the pile from damage.

  • Relation of Bearing Pressure
       What is the relation of bearing pressure on soil nail head to the ratio La/Lb, where La is the length of soil nail before the potential slip circle…sample problem based on the topic Soils & Rocks from the Soil Mechanics of Civil Engineering subject… unstable soil mass before the potential circular slip is resisted by two components: soil nail head bearing pressure and friction of soil nail in the unstable soil mass...

  • Acetylene Gas Cylinders used for Gas Welding
       Why should acetylene gas cylinders used for gas welding be erected in upright position… Solved Example based on the topic Steel Structural Analysis of structure from the subject Civil Engineering… Acetylene gas is commonly used for gas welding because of its simplicity of production and transportation and its ability to achieve high temperature in combustion...

  • Major Problems in Using Pumping
       What are the major problems in using pumping for concreting works… solved example extracted from the topic Composite Steel-Concrete Construction of steel structures based on civil engineering… The main problems associated with pumping are the effect of segregation and bleeding…

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